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Is a Boxer for you?  Rehoming a Boxer is a serious commitment.  Boxers often come to rescue through no fault of their own, so please ask yourself the following questions, and if you have not owned a Boxer before, do some research into the breed.


Are you prepared to take care of your Boxer for life? Some people often get swept away with the idea of a dog, but do not realise the commitment it requires. Can you sacrifice holidays or make suitable arrangements? Can you provide food, exercise, care, love, playtime and health care?


Your Boxer will become ill from time to time, can you afford Veterinary fees or Insurance? As a responsible new owner of one of our dogs we would require you to ensure that if and when needed veterinary care is promptly made available.  Even simple veterinary care e.g. annual booster vaccinations, is not cheap and more complex conditions can cost thousands of pounds which underlines the importance of pet insurance, which will require you to make regular payments.  Can you meet these financial commitments on top of the cost of food etc?


Do you have the patience to allow a dog to settle into your home? This includes allowing for them to have accidents without being told off, and understanding that they need time and patience to settle into their new environment.

Can you give plenty of affection and attention to your dog? A Boxer, although sometimes self entertaining, needs love and attention. Can you commit to a Boxer in this way? 


Are you prepared to exercise your dog EVERY day? Most Boxers are high energy dogs and need good, frequent exercise, and this includes the need to run and play, not just walk. 


Boxers crave companionship, what other commitments do you have, and are you able to ensure you will leave your dog for short periods only? Do you enjoy going out every evening or weekend, would you be prepared to stay in, or take your dog with you?  

Are you prepared to work through any problems your Boxer may have?

Some Boxers have trouble socialising, some chew, some are very mischievous.  Some can be nervous or anxious.  Can you be patient and understanding of your Boxer's needs?

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