All donations will be gratefully received and acknowledged. Your donation would help provide veterinary care and boarding for our boxers whilst they are with us.
We now have a Paypal account which can use to donate, You can help support Boxer Rescue by clicking on the PayPal button below (no paypal account needed) and remember donations no matter how small will help us find these wonderful dogs a new forever home.(Donate button below). 

Or you can also make a donation via our JustGiving page by clicking on the button below:
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£10 would pay for a microchip
£42 would pay for a health check and booster vaccination

£136 would pay for a male dog to be castrated
£169 would pay for a female dog to be spayed
In addition to the listed range of veterinary procedures/costs we incur we also
have to pay for the boarding and fostering of the boxers whilst they are in our care.

You can still donate via other methods -

a)    By a cheque payable to "The Boxer Rescue Service (Southern)" posted to:

Mr W. Whitehead,
Honorary Treasurer,
68, Oakwood Road,
Telephone No: 01293 783142

All such donations will be gratefully received and acknowledged.
b) You can also donate to Boxer Rescue Service (Southern) when you list an item for sale on eBay.  You can choose the percentage you donate, between 10%-100% of the final sale value, and on completion of the sale the donation is automatically made for you by eBay using the "PayPal Giving Fund" (formerly "MissionFish") they operate. You can find out more about this service that eBay offer




c) You can also donate to Boxer Rescue Service (Southern) at no extra cost to you when you shop or make enquiries on the Internet.  Please see our "Everyclick & Give as you Live" page for details, thank you.