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The Boxer is a very special dog with a unique character, retaining a sense of fun right into old age. Your Boxer will become a member of the family ……we often hear owners say once you have had a Boxer there is no other breed.  At times they will try your patience, but they will also make you laugh, make you cry, and comfort you when you are sad. 


Your rescued Boxer will crave your companionship, and need your love, patience and understanding.


It may take your dog a while to settle with you, but gradually they will feel confident in your relationship with them, but that relationship needs to be built on trust and routine first.


Adopting a rescue dog is a lifelong commitment, it may be hard work, it may be tiring, but it will be well worth it, there is no greater pleasure than welcoming a rescue Boxer into your home.


Boxer Dog Character


Boxers are loyal, social, sensitive, mischievous, and fun-loving dogs that generally fit in well with families.  They can be determined, stubborn and self confident. Boxers originate from Germany, and were used there, and in Britain, during the First and Second World Wars for guarding prisoners and airfields.  The breed often finds companionship in other Boxers and it is not uncommon to find anyone who is keen on the breed to have at least two.  Boxers can be very strong, and are better controlled on a harness than a collar.  Collars can sometimes cause twisting of the spine if the owner pulls to regain control, with a harness this is eradicated.


Boxer Dog Requirements


Boxers crave companionship so be prepared to spend as much time as possible with your Boxer.  They can often be destructive if left alone too long.

Boxers are high energy dogs and require around 2 hours exercise a day, depending on age.  If you are considering a Boxer you need to ensure you can provide this.  Boxers will look for other things to keep them amused if you are not meeting their requirements, and the activities they choose are not likely to go down well with you!

Boxers have short coats so an occasional brush is sufficient.

Boxers are intelligent, despite what that face may make you think, so they need your attention and understanding, and training. They can also find ways of getting to what they want and quickly, so bins and front doors are easy obstacles.  They can also be big jumpers, so a secure, fenced garden is essential.  It’s advantageous to be just one step ahead of Boxer thinking!


Boxer Dog Statistics


Generally speaking females are a little smaller than males, but this is not always the case.  They generally stand 22-25 inches/57-63cm tall and weigh between 25-32 kgs.  That said, a Boxer does not always weigh within those limits, and if your dog is outside of them this does not necessarily mean he/she is over or under weight.  The veterinary rule of thumb is that providing you can see the last 3 ribs through the coat then they are usually at the right level.